Open Minded, Dedicated, & Effective

Intelligent, strong, balanced leadership to preserve what we love and effect change where it is needed.

Elect Ann Mullins for Aspen Mayor 2019

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Open Minded, Dedicated, & Effective

Intelligent, strong, balanced leadership to preserve what we love and effect change where it is needed.

Elect Ann Mullins for Aspen Mayor 2019


A strong leader serves a strong vision.

My vision for Aspen is a healthy, thriving community standing apart from other communities because it is utterly unique. We can achieve this through diversity—diversity in housing options, job opportunities, small businesses, modes of transportation, cultural and recreational activities, people and perspectives.

I am an experienced and decisive leader. I am assertive, not aggressive. I listen, not just react. I am thoughtful, not headline grabbing.

We are at a crucial juncture in our city’s governance. I look forward to leading a strong, effective council, working strategically with a professional city manager, engaging with the public, and leading staff with clear direction and objectives.

Aspen needs strong and consistent leadership…now more than ever. I have a deep love for this city. As mayor, I will make decisions that are best for Aspen—now and into the future.

The Issues

Local Business and Growth

Revitalize downtown Aspen by developing new and effective ways to support and retain small businesses. Reinforce Aspen’s historic, small mountain town character by reducing building size, directing growth where it is appropriate, and ensuring that developers fully mitigate what is required by the city.

Transparency and Engagement

Reach out and engage more effectively with the community. This moment in time is a unique opportunity to rebuild city hall management with the transparency we seek and with clearer direction from city council and input from city staff.


Expand on our work on environmental issues. Our strong efforts and programs of the past need to be continued and strengthened, including addressing transportation issues, emissions, and recycling.

Affordable Housing

Expand and improve the availability of affordable housing. We will work on better management, governance, and inventory.

Public Transportation

Continue to work on congestion and transportation issues as well as provide safe routes to schools for parents and children.

Child Care

Expand child care options and capacity in the city to not only support the parents of our community, but also to contribute to our efforts to support the local economy.


About Ann

Before calling Aspen her home, Ann grew up in southern Illinois and then Chicago where she spent several years at the University of Chicago Lab School and then New Trier High School. In 1971, after earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Wells College in Aurora, NY, Ann relocated to Aspen and spent three years waitressing, hiking, learning to ski, and just being outdoors. Her love of the environment and the outdoors inspired her to return to school to pursue an advanced degree in landscape architecture. In 1979, she graduated with a Master of Landscape Architecture from Utah State University.

Ann began her career in Boston and worked on both coasts before co-founding Civitas, one of Colorado’s most respected landscape architecture and planning firms in 1984. After 20 years at Civitas, Ann became Campus Landscape Architect at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

In 2006, she returned to Aspen and founded the landscape architecture firm, wjmdesign.

She served the citizens of Aspen as a member on Aspen’s Historic Preservation Commission. Ann Mullins was elected to the Aspen City Council in 2013 and has served for the past 6 years.

Ann has two sons, Matt Johnson, who currently lives with his wife in London, and Will Johnson, her beloved son who sadly passed away in 2015.

As a longtime resident of Aspen, Ann understands the importance of managing growth. As a landscape architect, she understands the importance of addressing environmental issues. She works as a public servant because she knows she can make a difference, and as a business owner, she knows how to get things done.

Civic Involvement

2006 to 2013Aspen Historic Preservation Commission (5 years as Chair)

2017 to Present Mayor Pro Tem, City of Aspen City Council, Aspen, CO
2017 to Present Re-elected Council Member, City of Aspen City Council, Aspen, CO
2013 to 2017 Council Member, City of Aspen City Council, Aspen, CO
2017 to Present Colorado Municipal League Policy Committee
2015 to Present Roaring Fork Transportation Authority
2013 to Present Health and Human Services POD Board
2013 to Present Pitkin County Board of Health
2013 to Present Pitkin County Noxious Weed Board
2013 to Present Ruedi Water and Power Authority
2013 to 2018 Red Brick Council of the Arts
2008 to 2009 Aspen Modern Task Force

Professional Experience

2009 to Present Principal, wjmdesign,llc, Aspen, CO
2006 to 2007 Landscape Architect, Designworkshop, Aspen, CO
2003 to 2006 Campus Landscape Architect, CU Boulder, Boulder, CO
1984 to 2004 Principal, Civitas, Inc., Denver, CO
1980 to 1984 Associate, Sasaki Associates, Inc., Watertown, MA
1980 Associate, Carol R. Johnson Associates, Cambridge, MA
1977 to 1980 Landscape Architect, Jones & Jones, Inc., Seattle, WA
1976 to 1977 Landscape Architect, Roy Mann Associates, Cambridge, MA
1975 Landscape Architect Intern, Novak/Carlson Associates, Chicago,IL